• By Lauren Reeves

The reason for the Easter season

To many people, Easter is another holiday to get together with family and have a nice dinner. For members of Cru, the Campus Crusades for Christ chapter at Minot State University, Easter means more than just a holiday with family.

“Easter is the whole reason that Christianity exists. God loves us, but he is also holy and can’t be around sin,” said Jenae Orluck, president of Cru. “We have broken God’s laws and should be punished for the wrong things we do. Jesus lived a sinless life and didn’t deserve to die, but he allowed himself to be killed so he could be our substitute. But Jesus didn’t stay dead. Easter is the day that we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead, which demonstrated his complete victory over sin and death. Through trusting in him and accepting his substitution for us, we have hope and purpose in this life.”

While the club itself does not do anything as a whole for Easter, Orluck stated that being a member of the club could help students who are curious about Easter connect better with local churches that they can attend. She also added that to find more information about Easter, students can go to gotquestions.org or look at the Cru’s Facebook page.

Outside of sharing information about Easter, the club has hosted many other events since the beginning of its establishment at Minot State University in 2004.

Jason and Kassidy Skjervem moved to Minot the following school year and have been serving with Cru ever since. The club currently meets at their house for a homemade supper and studying God’s word together on Tuesday evenings.

Orluck explained other things that Cru has done over the years, as well as what members can expect when they join the club.

“Cru at Minot State meets weekly on Tuesday evenings for supper and Bible study for both guys and girls, and then on Thursday evenings there is a Bible study for guys and a Bible study for girls” said Orluck. “Cru also hosts other events such as prayer days, game nights, summer Bible studies, weekend retreats, and random hangouts.”

Along with what Cru does, Orluck also shared why she thinks it is important for people to join the club while they are in college.

“College is a big time in life. Many students are branching out and trying to answer big life questions,” said Orluck. “Cru provides a safe atmosphere to ask questions about the Bible, about God, about purpose, about heaven, about anything and everything! Cru also is just a great group of fun, encouraging, and caring students. Doing life with other people who care about you and are there to help you in all areas of life is so huge.”

Orluck said that the club is open to everyone, including non-Christians looking for information. As for more information about the club, their website is cru.org/communities/campus/minotstateu.

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