• By Lauren Reeves

‘The Minot Sports Podcast’: combining a passion for sports and broadcasting

If someone is an athlete, or if they have a favorite sports team, it’s likely they’ll talk about sports as a regular part of their life. For Cole Clementich, however, a passion for sports is something different.

“Sports is a real passion of mine, but I knew I couldn’t rely on sports for a career. I mean, I could be a season ticket holder, but I gotta have some sort of living income coming in,” Clementich said. “Being able to work towards that path of becoming a sports broadcaster, there’s a whole lot that’s in the field right now.”

This combination of sports and broadcasting spurred Clementich to create “The Minot Sports Podcast.”

The idea for the podcast started in 2019 when Clementich was in his senior year of high school.

His idea for “The Minot Sports Podcast” materialized as he was exploring career options as part of his college search. That was when he decided he wanted to get into sports.

“I really wanted to stay home and I really loved going to all the local sports here in town and that pretty much was just a passion of mine. Luckily, I found the Minot State broadcasting department and Neil Roberts (broadcasting and professional communication associate professor),” Clementich said. “I’m glad I found that; I’m glad I found a recording booth so that I can just share my thoughts and start my own social media pages. It was a very opportunistic time for me and it’s really blossomed, I’d say.”

From day one, Clementich has been working to improve the podcast as well as the social media pages in order for the project to grow. The work has not always been easy, and Clementich states that sometimes he gets into a rut as what he wants the next episode to be about; however, he does not let this stop him from producing content for his audience.

“I used to do the podcast daily where I would speak on what games are happening, what my thoughts are on each of the Minot sports teams, and what they got to do to have success,” Clementich said.

Currently, episodes of “The Minot Sports Podcast” are posted on YouTube — a difference from the beginning when they were published as audio files from Microsoft OneDrive.

“Episodes are pretty much just once a week for when I am able to talk about big stories going on in Minot sports, like Minot High boys’ basketball just got done at the state tournament. Really, pretty much whatever’s just trending weekly is how I usually run it,” Clementich said.

He is already incorporating more elements like score graphics and in-game action shots on his social media pages. In the past, he used graphics of the game scores but now adds more photography to the posts. He also plans on adding more action shots of players and photos of his interactions with them.

Clementich hopes he will be able to continue to grow and improve the podcast throughout his time at Minot State University, and he plans to keep podcasting as long as he is in school.

“I’ve made the guarantee with athletes before that as long as I am still in college, this podcast is still going to be going,” Clementich said. “ I do more than just recording episodes — I cover sporting events, I’ve become a sports media member of my own. I’ve really solidified myself here in this town and made a lot of great connections.”

Anyone is welcome to be on the podcast, but student-athletes need to notify the Minot State University athletic department so they are aware of the interview.

Those who are interested can contact Clementich by email at cole.clementich@minotstate.edu or at colehcclementich@hotmail.com. He can also be reached by digital message on social media @minotsportspodcast on Instagram, The Minot Sports Podcast on Facebook, or @MinotPodcast on Twitter. To listen to the podcast, find “The Minot Sports Podcast” on YouTube.

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