• By Philip Green

Sports Editorial: Women in Athletics

For years, the sporting world has been dominated by men. At one point in American history, only males were allowed to participate in sports. Of late, it feels the sporting world is finally embracing the realization that females bring so much to sports. Society is now beginning to recognize all that female athletes do.

Sabrina Ionescu and the University of Oregon women’s basketball team went from being a forgotten program on campus, to selling out every home game and becoming must-watch TV. Kobe Bryant and many NBA players over the recent years have worked to highlight the WNBA.

It’s a start towards giving female athletes the recognition they deserve but it’s far from where it should be. Female sporting events are rarely shown on TV unless it’s the Olympics. Sports’ social media are working towards posting more about females, but still have a ways to go.

As we continue to work hard to emphasize how great female athletes are, we must not forget all the females in sports who aren’t physically playing the game. There are female coaches, athletic administrators, referees, etc,. who have as big of an impact on the sporting world. What they are doing shouldn’t be swept under the rug — women in sports can be impactful in so many areas. It offers female athletes someone they can connect with and relate to in a male-dominated field. It offers diverse experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

Finally, it also shows young girls around the world that they too can have an impact on the sporting world.

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