• By Lauren Reeves

Senior Spotlight: Zachary Schuller

Many people look for a school that they feel they will be comfortable attending and can call home. For Zach Schuller, coming to Minot State University was a bit of an adventure when it came to choosing a college.

“I wasn’t sure I was going to go to college, but Minot State drew me in,” Schuller said. “I’d never been to somewhere as rural as North Dakota, so I thought it would be an interesting adventure!”

Along with the adventure of going to a school far from his hometown of O’Fallon, Illinois, Schuller found Minot State University to be a place where he could fit in well.

“The size of the campus made me excited for close relationships with my peers and professors, rather than getting lost in a sea of undergraduates,” Schuller said.

As for highlights of being at Minot State University, Schuller starts off with freshman year as being a student assistant in the art department and participating in theater, including Summer Theatre. Sophomore year consisted of his involvement in band along with playing tuba on the field, in the stands, and in Ann Nicole Nelson Hall. For junior year, he did research in the lab with Paul Lepp, Department of Biology chair and professor, which really helped put his major in perspective.

“Senior year has been different, but being able to see my peers in the Honors Program who I’ll be graduating with has been great,” Schuller said. “Even though it’s through Zoom, it is great to see so many familiar faces from the freshmen Honors Community course.”

Schuller also shared some advice he would give to current students.

“Explore, try new things,” Schuller said. “If you think it might not be for you, try it anyway to find out. That way you won’t look back wishing you had done something.”

Schuller will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in bioinformatics and computational biology. After he graduates, in the near-term he plans to work at Prairie Sky Breads downtown, making coffee and pizza; for the long-term, he hopes to be happy.

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