• By Lauren Reeves

Senior spotlight: Sami Jo Henry

Many students search for colleges that will provide them with a good experience where they can enjoy themselves while at school. For senior Sami Jo Henry, coming to Minot State meant having hands-on learning and experience, while making connections with the students and teachers.

Coming from Saskatchewan, Canada, Henry was surrounded by large universities in both her hometown and province, but she wanted to be at a school that was more personable.

“You meet so many people here and create connections that help you in the future,” said Henry. “You can create professional relationships with your professors. Most other universities, it is harder to obtain this type of relationship. Minot State is a smaller university which I think is a huge positive. I felt so welcomed when I was a freshman and have loved my time here ever since.”

A criminal justice major with a minor in offender, risk assessments, and corrections, Henry stated that this major has included some of the most understanding professors in this university.

“Being a student-athlete in this program has been easier than I thought because all the professors are so understanding,” said Henry. “The criminal justice program is hands-on as well as very discussion based. There are so many different topics within the criminal justice system, and it is exciting to learn about this kind of material.”

Some highlights of her academic career have been being on the President’s List or Vice President for Academic Affairs’ Honor Roll every semester at Minot State. Another achievement that Henry has accomplished is that she will be graduating with honors, Magna Cum Laude.

Henry is a student-athlete and member of the women’s hockey team at Minot State University. Some highlights of her athletic career include being in the National Championship game two years in a row, in both the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons. She has been named to first and second team all-star teams within her career, received MVP of the women’s hockey team in the 2019-2020 season, as well as other personal awards.

“At times, being a student-athlete is stressful, but when you have professors who understand and work with you, it makes it easier,” said Henry. “You must have good time management skills and make sure you prioritize your schoolwork. It is such a fun opportunity to get to play the sport you love while attending university. It can be very rewarding, not only athletically but academically as well.”

Some advice she has for freshmen would be to make sure they have good time management skills.

“Make sure you block out certain time within your days to study and get your work completed, especially if you are a student-athlete,” said Henry. “Planning out your day and keeping a schedule can be tools to help to succeed. Communicate with your professors, they are more understanding than you may think at first. Learning to communicate will help you not only in life but in your future job as well.”

After she graduates, Henry plans to work with Victims Services back at home in Saskatchewan. She eventually wants to work with juveniles in corrections or become a crime analyst.

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