• Macyn Flatmoe

Senior Spotlight: Maddy Sem

Maddy Sem, a soon-to-be graduate here at Minot State University, has the honor of performing the National Anthem for her peers and individuals that will be attending Commencement on May 14 in the Dome at 10 a.m.

Born and raised in Minot, Sem attended Minot High School and decided that she wanted to attend Minot State University due to the fact that it was close to home and cost friendly. This spring, she will be graduating with a double major in accounting and music.

Sem knew going into college that even though she was pursuing her degree in accounting, she wanted to be a part of the music program at Minot State. She had been involved in music all throughout high school and loved participating in choir.

Before becoming a student at MSU, she participated in the Western Plains Children’s Choir on campus. Because of her role in this activity, Sem grew to know the music professors, which only added more support to her decision to pursue music alongside accounting.

Throughout her years at Minot State, Sem has been involved in quite a few activities. She played the saxophone in the band and has been a member of jazz band, choir, and a singer in a small ensemble. Along with these things, she has also been the treasurer for the MSU Chapter of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) for the past four years, as well as being the treasurer for MSU Equality this past year.

Through all of these activities, being involved with friends and campus life, and being a part of both the music and accounting programs, Sem has had the opportunity to witness two different paths of life. Especially hanging around the upper classmen, she has found it very inspirational to get to see other people pursue their dreams in all areas that she was involved in.

For future Minot State Beavers, and those students who haven’t yet graduated, Sem offers this advice: “Take advantage of everything that Minot State has to offer. I think that being a small campus, there’s so much here that you can be involved in. You can do a variety of things, so taking advantage of all those opportunities is important.”

Although Sem loved to be involved in campus life, she is also looking forward to where life is going to take her after graduation. Though graduating with a double major, she plans to mostly pursue the accounting route. As a current intern at Brady Martz & Associates, she hopes to be able to begin studying for her CPA (certified public accountant) exam during the summer.

With graduation so close and life moving forward at what seems to be full speed, Sem is hoping that her peers will be “taking our college experiences and bringing those to life into our careers and into the real world as we move on from this place — not forgetting those but bringing those along.”

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