• Alyson Heisler

RG Editorial: End of year advice and well-wishes

As spring semester comes to an end, several different feelings and reactions appear in the minds of students. Depending on your level of completion of college, we’re all experiencing some type of stress and a small sense of relaxation.

Whether you’re a freshman finishing the first year or will be graduating this month, stress will happen. I’m of the latter group and can attest to the fact that Finals Week stress only gets worse over time, building up more each year.

With my final year of college coming to a close, I’m prepping for the impact of finals weeks. Yes, I said weeks — my strategy is to do my best to get ahead of the deadlines and plan how things should go in the weeks before final tests and projects are due, knowing the plan will likely fall apart. But attempting to plan and ease stress beforehand can help with reducing the side effects of student stress.

The fact that this is my last finals season does bring a sense of relief. With any luck, all the work we’ve done will have been worth it and we’ll all be successful, employed individuals in the months following graduation. If not, evaluate other opportunities that could be beneficial, such as following a personal passion or hobby for a bit. Don’t worry; nothing could be worse than the entirety of last year — move forward and see what happens.

Signing off, I’ve had a fun time as editor and hope that readers have enjoyed this semester’s issues. The Red and Green wishes every Minot State student a successful, less-stressful end-of-year followed by an amazing summer.

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