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Teddy bear on the run

A life-size teddy bear is currently on a journey, walking the nearly 400 miles between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Jesse Lasios, who is also known as Bearsun when donning his teddy costume, previously ran a marathon as a teddy bear last year, according to United Press International (UPI). His goal is to make people laugh and spread joy. Along the way he has encountered trouble, such as road closures, difficult terrain, and concerned authorities. Lasios is spending his nights camping and is asking supporters on GoFundMe to help him with food and other costs. He said any surplus money from the crowdfunding effort will go toward creating an upgraded Bearsun suit.

Gnome shortage

Garden stores in Britain are facing a garden gnome shortage and apparently, the blockage of the Suez Canal is to blame. According to UPI, the increased demand for lawn gnomes was caused by coronavirus lockdowns that prompted an explosion of sales for statues and garden supplies. This increased demand coupled with a shortage of raw material due to the blockage of the Suez Canal has meant that several garden stores haven’t had a gnome in stock for six months.

Professional binge-watcher

ReviewHomeWarranties, a website dedicated to reviews and comparisons of home warranty providers, said it will pay one remodeling enthusiast $1,000 to watch at least 10 episodes of three TV shows dedicated to home improvement projects in a month and document their experience. Applications are being accepted through May 10, and the winner will have until June 17 to complete the task.

Beer for dogs?

Anheuser-Busch has announced the inaugural batch of its Dog Brew, an alcohol-free “beer” made from bone broth. They’ve now put out a call for their chief tasting officer, according to UPI. The dog that is selected for the position will be paid $20,000 and earn the opportunity to be the featured creator of Busch’s social media pages. They will also obviously receive a free supply of Dog Brew and benefit from a pet insurance policy.

Wild monkeys

Two dozen monkeys recently broke free of a German zoo, according to the Associated Press (AP). The Barbary apes escaped from their cages in Loeffingen and spent their time laying in the sun before being recaptured. They were returned to their home without incident, as they simply wanted to go out on an adventure on a warm, sunny day.

Sheriff’s best friend

A retired Ohio sheriff named Dan McClelland died on Wednesday, April 14. He had a police dog, Midge, a drug-sniffing Chihuahua who held the record for the smallest police dog on the globe from the Guinness World Records, according to the AP. Both he and Midge retired in 2016 and spent their remaining days together. Midge had been in a battle with cancer for several years, a battle that also happened to end on April 14. It’s a toss-up whether Midge passed from her cancer or a broken heart after losing her friend. McClelland and Midge will be buried together, as they should be.

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