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Beaver on board

An entrance to a Toronto subway station was closed temporarily on March 25 when a beaver wandered into the building. According to United Press International (UPI), a commuter arrived at the subway station and spotted the animal, which he originally thought was a groundhog wandering the concourse. Upon see its tail, he realized that it was indeed a beaver and snapped a photo of the animal. The beaver earned the nickname Nickel in honor of its likeness being on the Canadian nickel. Nickel the beaver has been released back into the wild.

Mummy parade

Twenty-two mummified members of ancient Egyptian royalty were featured in a parade recently as the mummies were being relocated from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, according to NPR. The parade was named The Pharaoh’s Golden Parade and its members included four queens and 18 kings. The mummies were carted around in specially designed vehicles for the royal remains. Each car was labeled with their corresponding title and filled with nitrogen to protect the preserved pharaohs. The path of the parade had even been freshly repaved to create a smooth journey.

Goat arrest?

Police in North Carolina have arrested a goat after receiving a call about a suspected break-in. According to the Associated Press, the incident occurred in Greenville. The goat was found hanging its head out of the window of a home. After its arrest, the animal was taken to the animal shelter and picked up by the owner, who promised to make sure the goat understood what it did wrong.

A trim and a vaccine, please

A Wisconsin barber shop is now offering a special new service — the COVID-19 vaccine. Gee’s Clippers in Milwaukee held its first vaccine clinic recently when it decided to team up with a local pharmacy, according to United Press International (UPI). Dimmy Sokhal, a pharmacist with Hayat Pharmacy, said the barbershop is an ideal location for a vaccination clinic.

“People are familiar with the area. They have a beautiful room in the back for the wellness checks and everything so we thought it would be great to have a clinic out here,” he said.

Sneaking squirrel

A woman recently watched as a squirrel took packages off a front porch and took them onto the roof of the home. According to UPI, a Chicago woman stated that the squirrel approached a package that had recently been delivered to her neighbor across the street and carried it up on the roof. She also suspects that the same squirrel was responsible for stealing a pack of tortillas from her porch previously.

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