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Frozen pants

When temperatures drop low enough, people do crazy things. A Chicago man reserved his parking space by freezing a pair of his jeans in a straight up, standing position, as stated by United Press International (UPI). Adam Selzer placed the frozen pants in a shoveled parking space. Though this is a strange method, reserving parking spots is a common practice in Chicago — people typically mark their territory with a lawn chair or traffic cone after they’ve shoveled their space. Selzer plans to add a shirt to the ensemble during the next winter storm.

Tons of turtles

Thousands of sea turtles were saved from hypothermia after the record-breaking winter storm on the second weekend in February. Sea Turtles, Inc. worked to save 2,500 sea turtles from the South Padre Island Area, according to Nexstar Media. When water temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes difficult for turtles to swim to a warmer area. When turtles become cold-stunned, they are vulnerable to shock, pneumonia, frostbite, and death, according to Turtle Island Restoration Network. The turtles are now housed in the South Padre Island Convention Center.

Floating body parts?

California Highway Patrol officers responded to a report of body parts floating in the water next to Highway 99 in Stockton, according to UPI. A truck driver who spotted the body called 911 with concerns about a dismembered body left in the water. Upon arrival, officers discovered several limbs and torsos of a dismembered mannequin.

Cat got your Zoom

In a Zoom call gone wrong, a lawyer attending a virtual hearing had to clarify to his fellow attendees that he was, in fact, not a cat. Texas lawyer Rod Ponton had accidentally turned on a filter that turned his face into a photo of a cat and struggled to resolve the technical difficulties. He eventually figured out how to disable the filter. According to UPI, Ponton was complimented for his professionalism and stated that this incident shows the professional’s dedication to the justice system, even in a time when trials are conducted online.

Small house, big money

A 6-foot-wide home billed “as is” is being listed for sale online with an asking price of $1.3 million. This home is considered possibly the skinniest house in London, according to UPI. The specs of the West London home include five stories within a 6-foot width. The home is 1,034 square-feet — similar to the size of living quarters on a luxury yacht. Originally, the space was home to a hat shop, and was later converted into a home by Juergen Teller, a fashion photographer.

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