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Snow in the Sahara

The Sun reported on Jan. 10 that snow had blanketed parts of Saudi Arabia, which is unusual to say the least. The desert kingdom can experience highs of up to 50 C during the hot season, but this month temperatures fell below zero. The temperature dipped to -3 C, leading sheep and camels to be covered in snow alongside icy dunes. Previously in 2018, the area experienced snow and people celebrated with sleigh riding and snowball fights in the desert climate.

Viral TikTok relic immortalized

The man, known as Doggface on TikTok, who found internet fame after casually singing “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac and drinking cranberry juice while longboarding has become part of history. A signed Ocean Spray cranberry juice bottle is now on display at the Museum of Idaho, according to the Associated Press. The person behind the persona is Nathan Apodaca, an Idaho native, who now has an official celebratory day named after him and virtually participated in the inauguration of President Biden.

Bigfoot Hunting Season

Lawmakers in Oklahoma have introduced a bill that would create a Bigfoot hunting season. Yes, the mythical creature that is Bigfoot. Representatives say that issuing a state hunting license and tag could help boost tourism in the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma. Don’t worry, if passed, the bill will only allow trapping and could include a bounty of $25,000 if Bigfoot is captured. 

When squirrels attack

Reports of an aggressive squirrel who has apparently jumped on and bitten residents in the Rego Park neighborhood of New York City have occurred within the last month, according to the Associated Press. One resident, Micheline Frederick, posted on social media about her attack in which the squirrel landed on her arm, bruising it, and sank its teeth into her fingers and hand. The aftermath of the attack resulted in a chewed up finger and a bloody, snow covered pathway.

Worms are food?

The safety agency of the European Union (EU) has recently concluded that worms are safe to eat — dried yellow mealworms in particular. The worms can be eaten whole or powdered, as a protein-filled snack or as an added ingredient in recipes. The Associated Press stated that the EU is not the first organization to support worm consumption. The United Nations promoted edible bugs as a low-fat, high-protein food for people, pets, and livestock that are good for the environment in 2013.

Roadside vaccination

During a snowstorm on Jan. 27, healthcare workers in Grant’s Pass, Oregon became stuck on the drive to a coronavirus vaccination event. As time passed, the vaccines came closer to expiring. The workers decided to create an impromptu vaccine clinic for other drivers stuck in the snow, according to the Associated Press. Staff walked car to car offering the vaccines to drivers; they administered all the doses they had and no vaccines went to waste.

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