• Nina Arias

New, nutty residents move into Dakota Hall

Many students noticed the recent closure of Dakota Hall; however, few students knew the reason for its closing. After much debate, Minot State Residence Life has decided to turn Dakota Hall into a new home for Minot’s furry friends.

You read that right: Dakota Hall is closed to students because it is now a place for the vast variety of squirrels that call our campus home.

It’s no secret that MSU has plenty of wildlife roaming around campus. From turkeys to geese to squirrels, there is never a dull moment. As the fall and winter months grew colder and colder, the squirrels needed a safe warm home of their own and MSU delivered. Maintenance will be leaving doors and windows open to allow the creatures to roam freely in and out of their residence hall and ask that students and staff do not disturb them.

More information is to come about what campus life will be like with the squirrels sharing student spaces.

“Does this mean they are allowed to attend classes or school functions?” asked junior student-athlete Lauren Reeves.

When approached about their ideas about their new place of residency, the squirrels squeaked and scurried away. None of the Red and Green reporters speak squirrel, but we do believe that the squirrels seem enthusiastic about becoming Minot State Beavers.

Minot State administration is working with the wildlife to better understand their needs as well as concerns regarding parking and shared space.

A faculty meeting will take place next week to ensure the best possible experience for Dakota Hall’s new residents. The meeting will be streamed via YouTube live. Faculty encourage students to tune in and address any questions or concerns they have.

Make sure to say hello to Minot State’s newest students the next time you see them!

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