• By Nina Arias

Minot State introduces nutrition cart

Thanks to the efforts of the Minot State University athletic department, student-athletes have a new nutrition cart for after their training sessions. Milk has been shown to be one of the best drinks to consume after working out because of its bone strengthening properties. The athletic department has decided to bring the protein treat back to the weight room; however, this time it’s in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, and has 20 grams of protein.

Brody Myers, Minot State Athletics human performance assistant, explained that the athletic department brought back the nutrition cart to encourage athletes to get the protein they need after their workouts. The drinks provided in the cart are Core Power by FairLife, which is high in protein and low in sugar — ideal for athletes.

According to FairLife’s homepage, their CorePower protein shake is “chock full of all of the vital nutrients athletes need after breaking down muscle to build it back up.” The drink contains complete proteins, amino acids, electrolytes, and calcium. FairLife states that CorePower comes from ultra-filtered milk, which gives the high-quality, complete protein needed to maximize recovery and encourage muscle growth post exercise.

So far, it looks like the protein beverage cart is here to stay; with the help of the trainers and student-athletes, the nutrition cart’s benefits will be seen, and it should be easier to receive funds from Beaver Boosters for more projects like this. While the beverage cart is limited to one drink per athlete per session, the trainers don’t see enthusiasm fading anytime soon. For non-athletes, the CorePower protein drink is also available at the on-campus convenience store.

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