• Macyn Flatmoe

‘Mental Game’ podcast discusses mental health among student-athletes

All too often, students fight the battle of dealing with their mental health. found great methods to help with their mental health, whether that be having a creative outlet or having a trusted friend, mentor, teacher, or family member. However, others may not have the option of talking to someone or know a great way to help themselves work through the day.

Philip Green, a sophomore at Minot State who is a member of the football team and sports editor for the Red and Green, decided to take a step, in hopes of being able to help students in need. Green has been involved in sports his whole life and recently embarked on developing his own podcast called “Mental Game” directed at student-athletes who struggle with mental health.

Mental health is something that Green has always been passionate about, and when the opportunity to record something out of Prairie Sky Breads presented itself, he jumped at it. Green’s podcast talks about a broad variety of topics within the discussion of student-athlete mental health including resources available at Minot State, being a mental health advocate, and talking about athletic performance when dealing with mental health.

“Mental Game” also offers tips and resources for helping with the struggles associated with being a college athlete. In the future, Green hopes to be able to discuss the importance of women coaches in sports, as well as how to make administration aware of the struggles that athletes experience.

Each episode covers something new, and each guest on the show brings up different points and views, but the overall message is clear: mental health in student-athletes needs to be a bigger discussion.

“My hope is for it to be a platform and resource for student-athletes, so it’s a place they can go and talk to get things off their chest,” Green said.

He wants to be able to show students that they aren’t the only ones going through struggles. Student-athletes are often thought of as “having it all” because they received a scholarship and are doing good in their sport.

Often, mental struggles are just brushed off.

Women are viewed as “being too emotional,” while men are told they’re “being too weak.” Athletes are pushed to do their best no matter what, and this can create a difference between those who play college-level sports and those who don’t: two separate lives.

“I think there’s a disconnect between the educational and athlete side,” Green said.

Coaches may think that the students only have to worry about lifting, attending practice, and focusing on preparing for the next game, while professors think their students only need to focus on classes, homework, and studying for the next test.

Green also highlighted how important it is to talk to people and how student-athletes an go to their team, coaches, family members, or friends to talk.

Those who are interested in hearing more from Green or know someone who could benefit from his podcast “Mental Game,” past episodes are available on YouTube. Listeners are also able to view in-person on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. at Prairie Sky Breads.

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