• By Philip Green

March Madness

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is receiving a lot of pushback during this year’s March Madness tournament, and rightfully so. The tournament returned for the first time in over a year, since last year’s was canceled due to the pandemic. A viral video was released that compared the March Madness women’s teams’ weight room to the men’s weight room. The weight room for the women’s teams didn’t even have enough equipment to be considered an actual weight room.

There were also images showing how little souvenirs the women’s teams were given for achieving the accomplishment of making the tournament compared to the overflow of gifts the men’s teams received. These are a few of the many differences in treatment of female sports that go on in college athletics.

If the NCAA is going to claim that they believe in equality among sports, they need to actually back that statement.

Things like not providing close game updates on the March Madness app for the women’s games, which is provided for the men’s games, shows that they don’t truly believe in equality among all sports. The NCAA needs to be held accountable and start truly providing equality among men’s and women’s athletics.

Many will claim that it is because the men’s teams bring in more money. While that might be the case, the NCAA cannot claim they care about equality and then let money defer them from that supposed equality.

They either need to admit they care more about money over the athletes or finally provide the equality they claim they care so deeply about.

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