• By Lauren Reeves

Leaving college with fulfilled goals

As he wraps up his last semester at Minot State University, senior Dean Arevalo reflects on his accomplishments at what he calls his second home.

Coming from Riverside, California to MSU, Arevalo wanted to feel a sense of growth while he was in college.

“I wanted to experience living somewhere else and being independent,” said Arevalo. “Also, coach Forde (Evan Forde, Minot State head wrestling coach) was a great coach and showed a lot of belief in me. I had all the proper training equipment in the Dome, so I thought I had the right person to get me to where I wanted to be.”

Looking back, Arevalo highlighted the growth in his abilities.

“Freshman year, it was exciting because it was new but also a tad stressful because there was a lot I wanted to accomplish while being here,” said Arevalo. “Now, it feels absolutely amazing knowing what I have done here and having so much respect at the university. Also, [it] feels like it’s my second home.”

Arevalo admitted he didn’t focus much on a major when he first came to Minot. A lot of his attention was on wrestling at the time.

“I came here originally with my main focus on wrestling because that is my passion and destiny,” said Arevalo. “It’s deep in my soul and heart and no matter what I’m doing in life, I’ll make sure I’m wrestling also. But I am so happy to have chosen a major, too. Being able to say I was a student-athlete is big, knowing all the responsibilities it has so that was the other main reason.”

Double majoring in business management and entrepreneurship, and graduating in Fall 2020, Arevalo highlights his academic accomplishments, including a student-athlete award for having a 3.0 GPA or higher and creating a business idea called ijump for College of Business Instructor Tawnya Bernsdorf’s class.

As a member of the wrestling team at Minot State University, Arevalo saw many accomplishments throughout his athletic career. During his junior year, he was a fourth-place finisher at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II Super Regional. He earned a national qualifying spot his senior year, upsetting the number-three ranked wrestler in the nation who was a returning NCAA All-American.

“I have no regrets; it went the best as it could go because I left nothing in me at the end. Forde always said leave here with no regrets and knowing you gave it your all, and I gave it my all and then some,” said Arevalo. “I am still wishing I could have been the national champion or an All-American, but that was out of my control. The NCAA national tournament was canceled due to COVID. I know what I would have done there and so does my family and team. I am happy I am a NCAA National Qualifier because I did the most I was allowed to do.”

After graduation, Arevalo is considering starting a media/videography business back in California or becoming a marine officer or police officer.

As for advice to other students, Arevalo says, “Enjoy your time here — every second. All the good moments and all the struggles, don’t forget any of it because it builds your character and you will smile at it all later. Keep your true North along the way.”

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