• By Nina Arias

Health and wellness legislation proposed

It is no surprise there this year has been hard on everyone. An unexpected victim is young adults. According to North Dakota health officials, the rate of teen suicide within the past year is well above the national average. 

After a proposal made on Feb. 10, lawmakers in North Dakota are considering making mental health and wellness studies mandatory for middle school and high school students. Some schools have various types of wellness classes, but the proposed bill would make it mandatory for students to take at least one course. The bill allows for school districts to work with online learning so all students can get help. This would come at the perfect time as most students are feeling neglected and alone.

According to the Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Center, now is an especially stressful time for middle and high school students. They’ve had their routines and schedules taken from them. Their extracurricular activities and friends have been removed by force and they are now left with so much time on their hands for the first time in their lives. The ability to socialize keeps people happy and maintains their social stability, being quarantined poses a threat to this. The center also explains how many adolescents who depend on money from their jobs to pay for school or contribute to household expenses are facing layoffs or reduced hours at work.

The mental health and wellness classes can better prepare students to face challenges and cope in a healthy way. Death is never the answer, but hopefully students can learn this in their new courses should lawmakers choose to pass the bill.

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