• By Calli Delsman

Fall 2021: What to expect at Minot State campus

With the 2020-21 school year coming to an end and the past three semesters being different due to COVID-19, many students are wondering how new health guidelines and protocols will change the next school year for the better.

Kevin Harmon, Minot State’s vice president of student affairs, shared the university’s intent for a “New Normal” this August.

Starting with classes and learning, over the past year and a half, the university implemented social distancing around campus. Students coming back to campus this fall can expect social distancing to no longer be required campus wide. Along with getting rid of social distancing, masks will no longer be mandated on campus as well.

Classrooms will start to look normal again as regular class offerings will be maintained at capacity. That means all students will be able to attend classes face-to-face, but students who test positive for COVID-19 will be accommodated by their professors as they were this past year.

As for COVID-19 testing, since the MSU Dome was a go-to place for students and faculty to get tested, testing will remain available to those with symptoms as capacity allows, but self-screening is not going to be implemented campus wide. This will likely affect student-athletes the most as they were required to get tested in and out of their season.

Other than the classrooms, other buildings around campus will also be fully operational and open.

“The Student Center will be open with normal operations with heightened cleaning, standard precautions, and awareness of health guidelines. Physical distancing is encouraged but not required. In-person programming, meetings, and events will take place with regular hygiene and cleaning standards. Public attendance is permitted within the Student Center and the swimming pool will be open with normal occupancy and activities,” from the protocols guideline for next fall, sent by Harmon.

The Wellness Center is going back to their normal protocols as well, with normal occupancy, and there will no longer be a need to schedule appointments.

Student Health and Counseling Services will be offered again in person, but staff will still see students by phone or virtually if needed. Student Health will also continue to be of assistance for any students experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

As far as food, Sodexo will return to their normal operations with normal capacity, while still following health guidelines. Again, physical distancing is encouraged but not required and there is no longer a requirement for masks anywhere on campus.

Lastly, athletic events will be open to the public and back to full capacity. All events and in-campus facilities will also be back open to the public during open hours.

Students and teachers alike hope to enjoy a more “normal” summer break and look forward to seeing everyone face-to-face next fall.

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