• Alyson Heisler

Editorial: Positives of chilly winter weather

Recently, the weather has been quite cold and windy, but what’s new — it’s wintertime in North Dakota. The wind chill warning feels like it’s lasted for at least two weeks, and we haven’t seen a positive temperature for a while either.

The last few winters have been good to the people of North Dakota, aside from a few days of freakishly cold winds and snow — but remember it could always be worse. The coldest temperature ever recorded in North Dakota was 60 degrees below zero on Feb. 15, 1936. Seriously, it was 60 degrees below zero without windchill. A similar temperature of 59. 6 degrees below zero was recorded at Lake Metigoshe State Park on Feb. 13.

The best way to deal with the cold is to be prepared and suffer through, as we know warmer weather will come. A positive of the cold weather is the great feeling of sitting under a warm blanket drinking a warm beverage.

As a bonus, if you’re okay with being outside for a little bit, look out for a sundog. Sundogs are most common when the temperature is below zero and appear on each side of the sun — creating a trio of suns in the sky. They happen when sunlight is refracted through ice crystals in the air and are most visible when the sun is near the horizon.

Though at times it may be hard to believe, the snow will melt and temperatures in the 70s will return in a few months. In the meantime, don’t forget the positives of every season.

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