• Alyson Heisler

Editorial: Make good choices for yourself and the world

Earth Day is upon us, a time when many tips and tricks to make more green lifestyle choices are brought into conversation. People make their best attempts to adopt these new choices and actions — but often these changes are forgotten quickly.

Change takes time, and the most effective method of successfully adopting changes is to make realistic changes that work for you and to give yourself time to make new habits.

Here’s a few simple recommendations to reduce your environmental impact: using reusable products when possible, utilizing what you already own, and making sustainable purchases.

Find reusable alternatives that work in your life. These include water bottles, Tupperware containers, and reclosable bags that can easily be washed and reused. Use these when packing up lunches and snacks, reducing plastic use.

For cleaning, use rags or washcloths to clean instead of paper products like paper towels or single-use mop pads. Simply wash the cloths, which can be made from old towels or clothing, and reuse indefinitely.

When making a purchase, do your research into different options of brands or materials to make the most sustainable choice within your budget. This applies especially to clothing purchases. Buying second hand whenever possible is a good choice, but also consider the amount of time the item will be able to be worn if purchasing new items.

Making sustainable, green choices can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be — keep it simple and do what works for you. Everybody cannot adopt every sustainable choice, especially not at one time, and that’s okay. Do what you can where you are, and help others to make better choices along the way.

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