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College Democrats react to election

The Oct. 29, 2020 issue of the Red and Green published an article regarding the College Democrats’ perspective on the 2020 presidential election. As a club, we want to correct the statement that we “declined to comment” and elaborate on our beliefs.

To begin, the College Democrats club at Minot State welcomes conversation about our political stances, but we do not wish to speak on behalf of the Democratic National Party. We are affiliated with the party merely by name and by ballot.

This brings to light our dissatisfaction with the two-party system in the United States. Working within the constraints of the political dichotomy, the Democratic Party is the side that most closely supports our beliefs.

For the 2020 general election, we endorsed the Biden-Harris campaign and are relieved with their victory.

We also acknowledge the censurable pasts and lethargic policymaking of the party and its members, but their current platform sides more closely with the stances that we claim as part of our core values.

However, this does not mean we do not view the party with a critical eye. In fact, we have done so and will continue to do just that. The stances on certain social, economic, and political issues are what drive our beliefs, not the party, and we will continue to uphold them until those in power make the changes they promised us and more.

One of these topics is the right to having a safe abortion. The Democratic Party has been the side that has protected the right to choose, and we as a club stand by those with uteruses and their personal, private decisions.

The Democratic Party also acknowledges climate change and its increasing effects on the planet. The Biden-Harris campaign promises to expand the country’s renewable energy capabilities and deemphasize fossil fuels.

Likewise, the College Democrats believe healthcare is a human right, and the Biden-Harris administration plans to protect the Affordable Care Acts as well as provide an affordable, public health insurance option.

We also support the LGBTQ+ community and their rights to equal marriage, healthcare, and adoption. In 2012, Biden announced on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he supported marriage equality, and earlier this month, he became the first president-elect to mention transgender people in their acceptance speech.

Finally, the College Democrats understand that racism is a systemic issue inherent in the country’s policymaking, with the prison industrial complex being a large contributor. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris promised during the vice-presidential debate to abolish private prisons, a critical step in ending racism in the justice system.

These stances are what the College Democrats at Minot State support. While we are affiliated with the Democratic National Party, our beliefs are at the forefront of our political identities, and we will continue to support the most realistic political choice who will enact policy that aligns with those beliefs.

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