• Mason Collins

Artist Feature: Johannah Grosz

Minot State senior JoHannah Grosz has spent most of her college career studying photography and graphic design as she works towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in printmaking.

While many photographers stick to the digital aspect, Grosz prefers old-school methods such as polyester plate lithography. This method works by covering the polyester plates in something resembling an oil that absorbs ink in some areas and rejects it in others. Artists then use a press to transfer the image onto the paper.

Why does she prefer this method over a digital alternative?

“It gives it more of a tactile feel,” said Grosz. “When they are done, they have a nice feel to them. It also gives it a more handmade element.”

She compares printmaking to listening to vinyl, in that each person has their own special experience with it.

“With vinyl you hear the crackling and the noise. Each piece I make has their own little imperfections,” she said.

Each piece was made with the intention to make mistakes so that no piece is like another.

The first thing I noticed about Grosz was the love and effort she put into her work. From the moment I walked in, she never stopped working. She kept her focus on her work while talking and hardly looked up to think. This hard-working attitude is further exemplified in her work as the director of the university’s art and literature magazine, The Coup. She designs the layouts and works with people to get all kinds of works in the magazine. When she first got involved, The Coup had not been published in quite a while, so Grosz worked with others in the art department to revive the magazine and bring it back to students.

The community at Minot State has been her favorite part of going to school here. She credits working with so many people and getting to know both the members that worked with her on The Coup as well as others in the art department for her great experience on campus.

A s Grosz gets closer to her final semester, she is simultaneously working on her capstone project and many other pieces in her personal time. She is planning an art show of her work for her final project. Grosz also runs the Hartnett Hall Gallery and is currently planning a show featuring some of her work that will start in the middle of February. On top of this, Grosz also has two pieces in the “Americas 2021: Paperworks” show in the Northwest Art Center. This is a juried show on a national level so there is no better time to check out some of her work.

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