• Alyson Heisler

April Fools' edition

Red and Green readers,

The first few pages of this Red and Green issue are a bit different than our previous publications. In celebration of April Fools’ Day, we’ve written a variety of fun, spoof news articles themed around Minot State.

The information and people involved in these articles are not true — they are intended for entertainment only and should not be taken seriously.

For several years, we’ve been interested in producing a spoof issue of the Red and Green but had concerns over how to publish both spoof and actual news in one paper. I’m proud to say we have finally accomplished an April Fools’ issue in the Spring 2021 semester.

News is often taken extremely seriously, for good reason, as it’s an important provider of information and truth. But at times, we can take a break and have some fun, explore our creativity, and be a bit silly. What can I say, we like a bit of fun every now and then, too!

We have carefully considered the treatment of our selected spoof topics — we have written about these topics in an entertaining manner while also treating them respectfully.

After this point, all articles are regular news, features, and sports stories. We hope you’ve enjoyed our endeavor into spoof news, but we also wish to offer students information about what is really happening on the Minot State campus. Let us know your thoughts about our spoofs and send in your own spoof ideas related to life as a Minot State student.

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