• By Philip Green

The evolution of Minot State University media day

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Every year to start off the athletic season, MSU athletes participate in media day. Every team is given the opportunity to work alongside the best photographers, videographers, and graphic designers Minot State has to offer. For many outside MSU Athletics, as well as new student-athletes on campus, media day is a new and unheard of concept. Sean Arbaut, MSU baseball alumnus and director of athletic photography, has been participating in media day at Minot State for the last several years.

“For my job on a normal, non-COVID-19 media day, we collect headshots, studio shots of players in full uniform and in action, and detailed shots of uniforms and equipment. Other stuff that happens is videos for GIFs and other uses. Teams are supposed to get a media training on how to talk to the media before and after games, and a few players and coaches would normally get interviewed by local media,” Arbaut explained.

Arbaut isn’t on his own when running media day. He works in collaboration with Joshua Strong, assistant photographer; Greg Spencer, graduate assistant video production and marketing; and Trey Morten, graduate assistant graphic design and marketing, to help put out the best content that represents the Minot State Athletics brand.

“We like to have meetings before each media day or at least talk about jobs, responsibilities, and ideas for certain sports. Greg usually does his own thing with video but asks every now and then for advice or any ideas we might have; but he is killing it, so we don’t tell him much. Trey usually just tells us what he wants for graphic design purposes and comes up with some ideas for poses. Josh is my assistant and handles any extra stuff we need shot and is usually given creative freedom with that time while I’m shooting headshots. He then assists me when we are done with headshots and sometimes he just takes over so he can shoot some of the fun stuff,” Arbaut said.

Arbaut has been working to continue and improve media day each year.

“I have gotten better as a photographer so that helps, but I have also invested in new equipment such as studio lighting and backdrops, allowing us to do more each year. A big help this year is the addition of Josh Strong. He has helped immensely with the atmosphere and his creativity,” Arbaut explained.

Arbaut picked up photography during his time playing baseball at Minot State. Media day gives Arbaut the opportunity to get his artistic juices flowing.

“The creativity is my favorite part, especially for the action and portrait session,” Arbaut said, “I’m very involved. It’s kind of my job. I also receive requests from the coaching staff and our creatives in the department. Trey Morten also has a lot of input as a graphic designer for the department.”

Media at Minot State has progressively gotten better every year that Arbaut has been involved, but he is always looking for an opportunity for improvement.

“I think every year we can make it better and better as we all learn more. It would be awesome to get feedback from the athletes on what they would like to see or do as well. It would make the process go a lot smoother if we had multiple setups for lighting and backdrops for different scenarios but that costs a lot of money. This year has by far been the best year yet for creativity and all-around branding,” Arbaut explained.

Check out more media content for all the teams on campus on Arbaut’s website, arbautphotography.com, as well as on Twitter @ArbautPhoto and Instagram @arbaut_photography.

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