• By Shalom Baer

Students encourage campus community to get tested

As of Nov. 9, Minot State has had 427 positive tests since the coronavirus pandemic started. A group of Minot State students are running a campaign to encourage COVID-19 testing on campus as a class project. The group consists of Caitlin Getty, Hannah Pederson, Nahele Tonge, Shalom Baer, Emily Bennett, and Nina Arias.

COMM 316: Group Dynamics is offered for the first time this semester. According to the course description, “Students will learn and practice the skills necessary to function effectively in work teams and civic and social groups, including critical thinking and communication skills, leadership skills, effective member roles, problem solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution.”

Students are tasked with coming up with a group project idea and then crafting a plan to execute that idea. The group designed posters and distributed 45 copies across campus and designed “I got tested” stickers. Two thousand stickers were placed at the testing events on the third floor of the Dome beginning Nov. 3. The group has also crafted a social media campaign with the hashtag #msustopthespread.

“We just want to make sure that we do what we can as students to prevent the spread of COVID. If that means getting involved, then we need to get involved,” said Caitlin Getty, who designed the posters and stickers for the project.

The posters will remain on campus until the end of November, and the stickers will be available while supplies last. For information on testing times and dates visit Minot State’s COVID-19 site minotstateu.edu/covid/.

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