• By Nina Arias

Roosevelt Park Zoo welcomes new sloth

Minot has several sloths on exhibit at Roosevelt Park Zoo. The zoo introduced a new baby sloth to its enclosure on National Sloth Day, Oct. 17. This 6-month-old sloth, lovingly named Helen, will be unveiled in the coming months. Her namesake comes from the grandmothers of anonymous donors who made the new sloth habitat possible.

The zoo held a special event in celebration of National Sloth Day and Helen’s arrival. Residents of Minot were invited to dine at the zoo for a special after-hours look at the animals. The zoo charged a small entrance fee in exchange for access to the event, and guests were provided with a spaghetti dinner in mugs with a sloth photo. The proceeds of the event went to the Change4Change Conservation Fund to support the zoo’s various conservation initiatives. The new exhibit will take the place of the tamarins, who went to the Dallas World Aquarium in Dallas, Texas.

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