• By Philip Green

RG Editorial: Sports

Minot State Athletics is ahead of the game in terms of COVID-19 testing. Due to the easy access to free testing, student-athletes on campus are actively receiving consistent test results. This puts the university in front of many other teams in the conference.

If athletics returns in the spring, Minot State will be ready to take all the necessary steps to stay safe and participate in competition. It is hard to see that other teams in the conference will be prepared. Unlike Minot State, most Northern State Intercollegiate Conference (NSIC) teams are only requiring testing when student-athletes have symptoms. For the entire semester, Minot State has been testing every athlete on campus weekly.

In order to return to competitions, all teams across the conference will have to test weekly. Minot State will be able to do so, but it is hard to be confident that other teams in the conference will be able to maintain that testing schedule.

Also, due to the more frequent testing, Minot State has already experienced a spike in positive tests and has been forced to shut down athletics to lower the spike. Other universities haven’t necessarily gone through this and, if competitions return, there’s a chance they’ll be hit with a similar spike in the spring.

A lot of people are wondering if there will be sports in the spring. As much as many student-athletes want to play, it’s hard to be confident that other universities will be able to maintain safety protocols necessary to play. Minot State is fortunate to have these protocols in place already.

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