• By Tyler Luban

Minot State Athletics adds diversity committee

The Minot State athletic department and its student-athletes have taken a step towards the future with the addition of a diversity committee. This group consists of all sporting teams on campus. Minot State Athletics Director Andy Carter, junior softball player Zoya Robbins, and senior volleyball player Karli Koza gave life to the committee, which is now overseen by Allison Kelly, coordinator of marketing and promotions, and head track coach Mark Del Monaco.

“The committee was formed a few weeks ago,” Koza said. “The overall goals are just to bring awareness to diversity in athletics and to make sure that the council is a safe space for people to speak their minds and bring attention to some issues that come their way.”

Two representatives from each sports team make up the committee. The issues that are going to be brought up at these meetings will be essential to the progress of Minot State, aiming to make everyone feel included.

“We want the university to notice the diversity and to make sure that we are all treated equally and respectfully,” Koza said. “All teams are involved; we have two representatives from each team in the council.”

As for the frequency of these meetings, the committee will meet twice a month depending on the number of topics being discussed. As of late, the committee has all its members and is getting set to begin meeting as a group.

“The vision for the club isn’t quite clear yet; but I do know that we only have good intentions and only want the school, along with the sports teams, to be the best that they can be,” Robbins said.

Those on the committee will have the opportunity to sit in on interviews for open positions in the athletic department and will have some say on who oversees the department and its teams. The importance of having this committee is to provide representation of all different backgrounds to voice concerns and feel respect.

“Our goal is to elevate every sport on campus in every way possible,” Robbins said. “Coaches do great at the physical aspect of keeping up a player’s game, but this is more focused on athlete-to-player relationships. It’s also a committee to make sure every voice is heard throughout all sports teams.”

The vision of the committee isn’t set in stone but one thing for sure, student-athletes at Minot State are committed to the future of the university.

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