• By Alyson Heisler

Listening In: ‘Crime Culture’

The air is getting colder, leaves crispier, and the days shorter — meaning that the spooky season is here. This year may look quite different that past years (thanks to coronavirus!), but that doesn’t mean that Halloween cannot be celebrated.

In the wide, wide world of creepy, true-crime podcasts many focus on topics and events of the spooky variety. Those outside of the true crime community may argue that listeners of these podcast are weird for being so interested in such dark subjects.

Crime Culture is one such podcast that embrace the exploration of society’s ‘obsession with the macabre’. The show is hosted by friends Hayley Langan and Kaitlin Mahar; the duo discusses true crime events and the influence they have on our culture through film, literature, music and the way we live.

The Halloween season is inherently spooky or creepy to some, meaning their connection to or influence over true crime events is increasingly more common. There’s something about a Halloween ‘scary’ movie being based on a true story. The thing most people don’t realize is that there’s many more true stories that are much scarier than any horror movie.

Since 2018, Crime Culture has been releasing episodes discussing unsolved murder cases, the stories of killers, and reviewing true-crime related media. The hosts are very conversational, almost as if the listener is a friend joining their conversation and are not afraid to give their honest reactions to the person/topic at hand.

During the month of October, the season of ‘Spooktober’ begins and all episodes focus on particularly festive for the celebration of this Spooktacular day.

The following episodes are my picks for preparing to live your spooky life on Halloween:

33 - The History of Halloween:

For the short version of the historical background of Halloween, this is a winner. Now, we often see Halloween as a mainly commercial holiday for children to dress in costumes to trick-or-treat, teens get up to questionable hijinks, and adults (without children) go out to drink and have fun. What if we celebrated in the traditional way by participating in rituals and games to predict the future, especially concerning marriage and death?

85 - Halloween “Decorations”:

Each year, stores are filled with more realistic, gory Halloween decorations of severed heads or torn-off limbs — most of the time, these recreated bodies or body parts don’t entirely make sense. Why on earth would only one severed zombie arm have found itself into your front yard? More importantly, what if these appear too realistic?

This episode discusses moments when realistic Halloween decorations have been taken too far or the unfortunate times when what people thought were decorations were real dead bodies.

Outside of the spooky season, these ladies continue to post new content every Tuesday and Thursday. ‘Crime Culture’ is available to stream and download on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are available.

Stay Spooky (and Safe!), Folks!

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