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St. Patrick's Day at Minot State

March 17, St Patrick’s Day, is a religious celebration that originated from Ireland. After the Potato Famine in the mid-19th century, the Irish immigrated to the United States to escape starvation, and with them came the old Irish tradition. The first Saint Patrick’s Day parade was in New York in 1762.

“It is the anniversary of Saint Patrick’s death; he brought Christianity over to Ireland. It used to be part of Irish religion and tradition; now it’s a celebration,” said Elizabeth Nolan, a history major at Minot State University.

The event is well-celebrated in parts of Europe, Asia, North America, and the Caribbean. There are different ideas to what the day looks like.

“I think it depends on where you are, because different countries do it differently,” Nolan said. “It is not a federal holiday in the United States so we don’t get a day off from school, but in places like Chicago, they dye the river green, they have parades and special Irish foods,” Nolan added.

At Minot State University, the employees of the Beaver Creek Cafe put up decorations for Saint Patrick’s Day. The cafeteria is ready for the day. There are decorations of gold pots, hats, and clovers at every turn.

“It is supposed to be a lucky day for the Irish. We put up these decorations to show our Irish spirit,” Benjamin Bent, supervisor at Sodexo Dining Services said.

“It is celebrated all over America. Usually on Saint Patrick’s Day, you will eat corned beef and cabbage or any traditional meal if you are Irish,” Bent added.

Allen Anderson, manager at Sodexo Dining services, confirmed that an Irish-themed meal will be served.

The significance of the day varies and there are many fairy tales to tell — but people traditionally wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

“They say if you don’t wear green you will get pinched by a fairy; the color is a protection of leprechauns,” Nolan said. “When I think of Saint Patrick’s Day, I think of Irish people, shamrocks, little leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold.”

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