• Cameron Adam

Clubs on Campus: SWIFT

A somewhat new student club on campus, Students with Interest in Future Technologies (SWIFT), is designed for students from all majors to collaborate on projects that appeal to them but may not be in their wheelhouse.

Focusing on new and emerging technology, the club seeks to combine knowledge and skills from different fields of study and use it to increase awareness and technological know-how to its members.

“Let’s say you’re an English major, and you’re not necessarily exposed to a lot of technology but you could get around a group of people that are into that whole aspect of it,” said Chad Fenner, instructor in the Department of Business Information Technology and the Minot State University staff advisor for the club.

SWIFT is actively looking for new students from across campus to join their current ten active members. The overarching goal of the club is to make their meeting room into a technology hub, aiding each other with projects, and even helping to garner publicity for MSU through online mediums.

As far as membership drives, SWIFT President Ludny Desert said, “we are trying to attract interest through organizing events and projects.”

These events and projects include, but are not limited to, hacking competitions, robotics events, and coding workshops.

Most of these projects, event details, and workshops will be uploaded to the SWIFT Microsoft Teams page in order to increase the number of participants if they are not available for certain meeting times.

Schools in larger metropolitan areas already have clubs for each of these specific activities and SWIFT hopes to introduce students to a wide variety of them in order to let each individual member find their own niche, as well as having a creative workspace with other like-minded students.

If you are interested in finding out more about SWIFT, email the club at swift@minotstateu.edu.

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