• Tyler Luban

Life hacks for living well

The Minot State Staff Senate sponsored a talk by Professor and Chair of Teacher Education and Kinesiology Terry Eckmann on Feb. 11 in the Minot State Conference Center. Eckmann addressed students, faculty, and staff and centered around life hacks to live a healthier and stress-free life. Eckmann is an internationally-known speaker and recently provided a TEDx Talk in Bismarck about the power of simple choices.

Eckmann began the speech in an unconventional way by having a follow-along dance with the audience. She stressed the importance of movement and being active. Eckmann spent most of her talk emphasizing the significance of attitude change and its correlation to changing bad habits into healthy ones.

Minot State junior cooperate fitness major Garret Nicholson attended the event and connected with some of Eckmann’s key points.

“I really felt like everyone can take something away from a talk like that,” Nicholson said. “For me, I was surprised about how much physical activity affects the mind, especially as we get older.”

Attitude was one of Eckmann’s main messages as she stressed the importance of a positive mind. She said people have about 50 to 70 thousand internal thoughts a day and, by turning those thoughts into positive ones, people can begin to see major changes in their daily lives. In a world where many people are rushed and stressed, Eckmann said to slow down and enjoy the moment along with the opportunities in front of you. She argued that how one looks at a situation determines how the person will react.

Eckmann stressed the importance of changing habits that we fall into and noted that changing small habits first makes conquering more difficult ones easier. Her ending message was to pass along happiness and be grateful for the positives in life.

Eckmann’s Tedx Talk, “The Power of Simple Choices,” can be found on YouTube.

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