• Philip Green

Houston Astros players should be disciplined for sign-stealing

Every day it seems more news and comments break out about the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. Over the past few seasons, the Astros have been using a cameraman in the outfield of home games to steal signs and relay what pitches are about to be thrown to the batter.

Knowing what pitch is coming gives the hitter a huge advantage at the plate, allowing batters to have really good timing. For anyone who has played baseball at a high level, being able to accurately time the pitch is a major part of being successful in the box.

Despite the Astros sign-stealing scandal, Major League Baseball has failed to punish the players involved. The Astros were given a $5 million fine, lost draft picks, and had coaches and personnel suspended for a year, but no players involved in the scandal are facing any discipline.

When former professional baseball player and manager Pete Rose was caught for gambling on his team while playing and coaching, he was given a lifetime suspension and prevented from joining the Hall of Fame. When a player is caught cheating by taking steroids, they can get up to a season-long suspension.

Astros players broke the rules in ways that many believe are far worse than what Rose and steroid-taking players did, yet they have received no discipline. Major League Baseball and Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred need to stick with the consistency of the past and suspend the players involved in the scandal.

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