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Student-podcaster talks local sports

Cole Clementich, owner of “The Minot Sports Podcast,” is a freshman at Minot State University. The broadcasting and professional communication major began his journey in August 2019 and founded “The Minot Sports Podcast” in January 2020.

“I opened my podcast accounts on Jan. 7, just a week before school opened,” Clementich said. “I originally started with anchor episodes, and I basically talked about a brief summary of the events I went to.”

When Clementich decided to come to Minot State, he was still undecided on his major. With help from his advisor, Advising Coordinator Heather Martin, he explored his interests. Through this, he found broadcasting.

“I saw something on multimedia studies, and I talked to my advisor about it. She said, ‘How about I just put you in this class, Introduction to Broadcasting; it’s related to multimedia studies.’ I decided to give it a shot. I really loved the class,” Clementich said.

Sports has been his passion for a while. The Minot High School graduate attends many sporting events, and that is why he chose to start a podcast on sports.

“It could be anything and you’ll see me there,” Clementich explained. “I realized you can’t make a career by just going to sporting events so I decided to make a production out of it.”

Through the podcast, he talks about a range of sports.

“I do talk about Minot State. I also talk about high school events because I know the athletes there. For Class B schools like Bishop Ryan, I’m not familiar with a lot of people there. I think I’m going to start trying to let people know that there are Class B events going on,” Clementich said.

It has been a month since the podcast started, and Clementich has received support from his family, faculty, and outside resources.

“When we got back into school on the 14th, Neil Roberts (Minot State broadcasting and professional communication associate professor) showed me around the department. He showed me the radio production room. Once I figured out how to do all that, I was able to take the ball and just run with it. I live with my dad and my sister, and they both follow the podcast on Instagram and on Twitter. They have been very supportive about this. I also got in contact with Jimmy Lafakis, who is a sports reporter at the Minot Daily News, and he’s actually helped me out a bit,” Clementich said.

Clementich’s only challenge with the podcast is having enough content to relay to listeners. He wants to reach double digits on each of his updates.

“I think my shortest was like three minutes. There are certain days where there’s not much to talk about, and I think that’s been kind of a challenge for me. I do my posting of highlights on Instagram. Take hockey, as an example. I report the starting lineup for the specified Minot team, and I write down the players’ names, numbers, and positions. I’ll try to get a video of them scoring. I’ll say this person assisted by this person coming at this time of the period, and I do that for the three periods. I report on when the period begins and ends and the final score at the end of the game,” Clementich said.

With a passion for sports and an interest in broadcasting, Clementich hopes to create a name for himself in the sports world. He aspires to work for anything sports-related, from multimedia or social media to daily updates on the podcast. Links to his podcast can be found @theminotsportspodcast on Instagram and @minotpodcast on Twitter.

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