• Philip Green

William's robbed of MVP

Super Bowl 54 wrapped up in a tremendous comeback fashion. Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs past a 10-point deficit to beat the San Francisco 49ers, and quarterback Mahomes went on to win Super Bowl MVP. Mahomes became the 29th Super Bowl MVP coming from under center. With the new age of football being pass-heavy, he is the seventh quarterback to win Super Bowl MVP in the last 10 times the big game has been played.

By all means, several of those quarterbacks have deserved the MVP award for their performance on the sport’s biggest stage. Mahomes, however, was not one of them. He did help lead a fourth-quarter comeback against a very dominant 49ers defense, but for much of the game he did not play like an MVP. He threw two interceptions and was outplayed by the 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for three quarters of football.

Chiefs running back Damien Williams rushed for over 100 yards with a game-clinching rushing touchdown and 29 yards receiving, including a touchdown. Despite being the best player for the Chiefs, Williams is getting little-to-no recognition for his performance. He was the best player on the field but because he didn’t play quarterback, he wasn’t recognized as the MVP.

The NFL needs to reevaluate the MVP standards because, in recent memory, the Super Bowl MVP has gone to the quarterback of the winning team despite not being the best player during the game. If this continues, the award might as well be known as the trophy for the winning quarterback instead of the MVP.

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