• Cameron Adam

Broadcasting club’s membership declines

*Adam is the president of Media Ink

Media Ink is a video and audio club that works on projects outside of class time. However, in recent years, the club’s membership has declined to five students. With 79% of Minot State students working according to a university survey, Media Ink members attribute the decline in membership to students not having extra time in their schedules for clubs.

Broadcasting student Kyle Ludwig operates a camera in the department's TV studio.

“It feels like people are busier these days. Like they don’t have as much time to devote to a club. A lot more people are working now or they are in athletics and all that,” said Kyle Ludwig, vice president of the club.

Since the club’s membership has declined, it is involved in fewer events. In the past, there was a fierce rivalry between the Art Club and Media Ink. They had bowling tournaments and an annual trophy for the victor.

“The broadcasting department as a whole should have a bigger voice on campus. I think we’ve got a couple of students that are helping us get to that point, which is really cool,” said Layn Sarsten, a previous president of Media Ink.

His explanation for the lack of members in recent years is due to a lack of visibility of the broadcasting and professional communication department and Media Ink, particularly at campus events where there are incoming freshmen still undecided on a major.

Although numbers are down, Sarsten remains optimistic.

“It’s looking good for the future,” Sarsten said. “We’re spending more money, we’re getting cooler things, and we’re teaching new skills. Next year is going to be big old turnover and I think it’ll be great.”

The turnover mentioned is in relation to many of the student managers of the broadcasting and professional communication department graduating, which will lead to a new group of fresh faces as representatives.

Media Ink holds meetings every Wednesday at 3 p.m. in Hartnett Hall, Room 128. To contact the club, send inquiries to cameron.adam@minotstateu.edu.

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