• By Lauren Reeves

Wellness Center offers group classes

As the new year begins, many students are looking to get their body into better shape but struggle to find the right place or the right way to start their transformation. The Minot State University Wellness Center can help these students start their new lifestyle with weekly classes. They offer a variety of classes such as Yoga, Dance Core, Body Pump, Spinning, Core and More, and Boot Camp.

The spin room at Minot State received an upgrade with newly painted walls and lighting.

“Dance Core is a little more fun because it doesn’t feel as though you are working out when you’re done,” said Courtney Brekhus, Minot State University wellness specialist. “Yoga is just really relaxing, but you also don’t realize how much strength you are building.”

Dance Cardio is taught by Juliana Alarcón Díaz, who is from Colombia. She mixes her culture with dance routines to create a Latin American and hip-hop dance combination with cardio. Body Pump is choreographed weightlifting to pop music. Core and More classes will be using the TRX circuit (total body resistance exercises) this semester to give students a higher and more intense cardio workout. Boot Camp is the most intense of the classes; it is a high-intensity interval training class that combines cardio exercises with strength training. All classes and membership to the gym are free for students — they just need a student ID. There are also personal trainers for students to work with; however, students do have to pay for a session with a personal trainer.

The Wellness Center also has some new equipment this semester including a new step mill, and they will be demoing a new treadmill soon. The spin room also received a makeover for the new year; the walls have been painted black and new lights have been installed.

For many people, staying motivated to work out can be hard especially when they are working out alone. Berkhus says that the best way to stay motivated is to bring a friend along to do the workout or to join a class with a friend.

“You never know how much you are going to like it, and a lot of people have made friendships in the classes,” said Berkhus. “It becomes a support group, and if it’s hard, they all struggle through it together. It offers more accountability.”

She added that many people start off the year strong but after spring break they lose that motivation. Berkhus said that it is better to have friends doing the classes so that the struggle throughout the workout and classes is shared by everyone.

There are Wellness Center events that are happening within the next month, such as intramural league basketball and volleyball tournaments. There will be a spike ball tournament on Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. in the air-supported bubble. The Wellness Center will also host a triathlon on Feb. 24 where teams of three will work to run, bike, and climb as fast as they can. To create teams, students can go to imleagues.com and follow Minot State University Wellness Center on Facebook for updated events. Another thing that students, faculty, and staff can still join is the Biggest Loser Challenge, which started in January and goes until March. They meet weekly on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and in optional smaller groups throughout the week. To join, email Courtenay Berkhus at courtenay.berkhus@minotstateu.edu.

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