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Base hitter takes a swing at design

Isis Cabral, a senior who is soon to complete her Bachelor of Arts with a major in art, a focus in graphic design, and a fitness and wellness specialist minor, is taking aim at the erupting job market of digital design. Her ideal job is to design for an outdoor or sportswear company. She is currently the marketing intern for the Minot State Wellness Center and most of her design work is shown in the many advertisements for different activities in or around the facility.

Cabral splits her time between graphic design and softball.

“As the marketing intern for the Wellness Center, I handle creating and compiling a number of media posts and posters for their events held each semester,” Cabral said. “My position has helped me push the different styles and concepts I would like to use in graphic design.”

As an art major, Cabral has faced some adversity as she pushes herself while faculty challenge her to become a better creator.

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced with being an art major is finding out what my preferred styles are when it comes to creating work,” she said. “I’ve learned that when it comes to designing, it’s always best to run straight towards projects that may be complex and not over-analyze them.”

Cabral stated that her biggest advice for aspiring artists is to remember there is never a “right” way to do a project. She also explained that no one gets better by doing the same thing as everyone else. Cabral gains inspiration from Tinker Hatfield, best known for his legendary Nike athletic shoe designs.

“Hatfield is one of the main individuals that inspired me to pursue graphic design. Through him, I’ve learned that graphic design isn’t the ultimate self-expression but more for providing solutions for others,” Cabral said.

Cabral is also a student-athlete for Minot State softball. Returning from a season hiatus, she looks to balance her artistic projects with her athletic performance.

“Being a student-athlete is not a simple task and pairing that with being an artist is demanding. However, when you do what you love, you will always find a way to make it work. Giving equal amounts of attention to each category through time management is paramount in my daily schedule. Every day may be different, but as long as I’m on top of the tasks that need to get done, life is solid,” she said.

Cabral kicked the softball season off with the rest of her team in Las Vegas, Nevada. They will host a number of preseason invitationals in the indoor bubble before conference play. Following the softball season, Cabral will host her senior exhibition in the Northwest Arts Center, with dates to be announced.

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