• Calli Delsman

2020-2021 general scholarship application deadline Feb. 15

Minot State University offers a variety of different scholarships that are available to undergraduate and graduate students. Students must be fully accepted at Minot State to receive a scholarship and be enrolled as a full-time student — 12 undergraduate credits or nine graduate credits. The deadline for the general scholarship application is Feb. 15.

“Most every scholarship offered at Minot State is covered under that general scholarship application. In some cases and some scholarships, there is a need for additional materials,” said Minot State Director of Financial Aid Laurie Weber.

Once students submit the general scholarship application, most scholarships are covered by that application. If more information is needed for scholarships that students are eligible for, another form will be presented to them to submit.

“The exceptions to that would be athletics, music based on performance, the arts scholarships that require a portfolio, and the freshman theater scholarship which is performance based,” Weber said.

Once students complete the general scholarship application, the system will find scholarships that are best suited for that specific student based on their information.

“After you fill in the basic questions in the general scholarship application you click submit, and then behind the scenes we’re doing a daily import of data about you: things like your major, minors, GPA, how many credits you’ve completed, whether you’re grad or undergrad, what your residency is. Then it tries to match up what other scholarships you are eligible for,” Weber explains.

On top of the scholarships that Minot State offers, there are also programs for students who are eligible for specific awards. The scholarships are a bit different than awards to the financial office but for students, it roughly means the same thing when it comes to receiving money.

“Generally speaking, the awards are a tuition waiver, which are basically discounts of tuition, so for example the automatic four-year award program,” Weber stated. “Those are, rather than scholarship dollars coming and paying towards a student’s tuition, actually reducing the amount that the students are paying by waiving a portion.”

When it comes to applying for award programs, some of them fall under the general scholarship application. There are also some awards that require additional forms to be considered for the award.

“The general scholarship application applies to all scholarships and some award programs, like the automatic four-year award, the transfer student scholar award, and the cultural diversity tuition waiver. You don’t have to submit a scholarship application to be considered for those as a new freshman,” Weber said.

There are many different ways that new scholarships are created and also multiple ways that scholarships and awards are funded. Most of them are created by people in the community who want to help MSU students with specific requirements.

“People or members of our community give contributions to Minot State which then is invested in an endowment, and proceeds of that endowment are available for distribution in scholarships for each academic year,” Weber said. “In other cases, some of the funds come from trusts not held by Minot State but established by a family, person, or a business, separate from Minot State University.”

The general scholarship application for Minot State students is due by Feb. 15 for the 2020-2021 school year. For more information or questions, feel free to contact Weber at laurie.weber@MinotStateU.edu.

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