• Monica Rivera

Women's Hockey on a winning streak

The Minot State women’s hockey team has been on a winning streak, taking 14 games in total this season and 13 in a row. The Beavers are ranked third in the American Collegiate Hockey Association Women’s Division I for the first time this season. Junior Captain Sami Jo Henry believes that is something to be proud of.

“It feels pretty good to be at number three,” Henry said. “I think that being ranked number three, our highest ranking ever, is our biggest achievement. It’s pretty awesome to be at this position, but we are not satisfied yet and want to finish off this season with a championship. We have worked really hard the past months to get where we are, and we want to just keep moving up and winning.”

The Beavers have eight games left in regular conference play. Senior Mackenzie Balogh has had time to reflect back on the season so far.

“The biggest accomplishment we’ve had as a team this season is coming together as one unit. We had a lot of new girls at the beginning of the year, and we’ve really meshed and formed a great family. That’s never easy to do and took us a little bit to figure out how, but I think we’ve got there,” Balogh said. “We all have the same end goal, that national championship. That motivates us each and every day to push ourselves and each other because we all want it.”

Henry and Balogh are both on the same page when it comes to what they want to achieve as a team and what they have already achieved.

“Our goals to finish off the season are to win a national championship. Everything we do, every game we go into, we take it very seriously to prepare for that final game,” Henry said. “I think what keeps us motivated is knowing that we have a really special bond with each other and that we want to win for the person beside us. We have a great bond on this team and sharing a national title together would be amazing, and we all envision that every game.”

Make sure to keep up with the Beavers. For a full schedule of games, visit MSUBeavers.com.

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