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Green looks forward to making progress as Red & Green sports editor

Green at spring football practice. Photo by Destond Hall

Freshman, Philip Green came into Minot as a student-athlete for the Minot State football team not knowing that he’d eventually become sports editor of the Red & Green student newspaper his first year. Green has always been involved with sports while growing up in a household of athletes.

“My dad, Craig, played college baseball at Arizona State University and my older brother, Paul, was involved in almost every sport growing up but eventually narrowed it down to just play baseball in high school,” Green said. “He is still around sports, working with the Nashville Predators.

“Sports is one of my favorite things in the world. I love football and being around sports here at Minot State. When Nicole (Thom-Arens, the Red & Green faculty adviser) said that there was an opening for the sports editor job, I knew I had to get it. Being surrounded by sports, while talking about it is what really got me into wanting to be a sports editor for the paper.”

Green said it was hard at first with filling in the position because he did not know what to expect exactly.

“I was nervous about getting this job at first because working with InDesign was new to me. I didn’t know what to expect, but once I got used to the program, I was definitely all in,” Green said.

Green looks forward to making progress and to continuing his role as sports editor for the paper next year.

“I’m looking forward to growing and getting an opportunity to learn more about this field. Since I came in in the spring as the sports editor, I’m also looking forward to working with the fall sports because I did not get that opportunity yet,” Green said. “I think it would be cool working with football, volleyball, and soccer. What I’m really looking forward to is looking at the paper layout from the fall sports aspects of things.”

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