• Kellie Sink

Minot’s first self-serve bar reopens

Formerly known as the Pourhouse, Minot’s East End has reopened and is ready for business. Lindsey Stoney, previously the manager of the Pourhouse, was approached by the former owner Andrew Emmel, who encouraged her to purchase the business.

“He wanted it to go to somebody that he knew wouldn't completely change it, you know. His exact words were he, ‘wanted a place where he would like to still come and hang out,” Stoney explained.

Emmel brought the idea of self-serve taps to North Dakota, which is something Stoney wanted to continue. Stoney said her experience working at the Pourhouse inspired the East End’s changes and similarities.

“You know, if it's not broke don't fix, that's how I approached our self-serve taps. It's a really unique idea, a lot of people just absolutely love it — having the freedom to be able to just drink at your own pace or maybe try a couple beers that you wouldn't otherwise drink,” Stoney said. “One of the changes that I did make to the taps was making sure that we're always going to have a domestic on tap, there's always gonna be something for everybody.”

Other changes made to the bar include a footrail at the bar, rearranged tables, a second bathroom, and hand-painted designs, antique doors from the basement of the building, and instruments as décor.

“There’s so much history behind it (the building) and that's kind of where the East End name came from. This neighborhood was, when they were developing way back, because it's not actually part of the downtown business district, this was the East End, this whole neighborhood here, and so that's where we came up with the name,” Stoney explained.

As for the products, while the beer had minimal changes, the wine selection will be growing vastly as well, including wine storage. Stoney drew out her vison for a new wine rack and cooler that was custom built for the bar.

“Before we were just kind of storing our wine in the coolers in the back, which is fine for the white wines, but

I knew that I wanted to chill our red wines properly too. I’m a very big wine drinker, I absolutely love wine, and so I wanted to just get something that’s kind of a statement piece,” Stoney said.

Along with the wine additions, East End now offers a table with a self-serve tap, which can be reserved in advance with a beer request.

While the East End did run into complications while trying to reopen, such as the government shutdown delaying licenses, Stoney says the feedback has been positive and they have big plans for the summer.

“We will be doing, as soon as the weather changes a little bit more, a lot of outdoor parking lot events. I’ve got a big Bands, Brews, and Barbecue, happening in August and it's a grilling competition, where we’ll have live music and a beer garden and everything outside and it'll be family friendly,” Stoney said.

Stoney also hopes to have a “cruise night” once a month throughout the summer for classic cars, motorcycles, and custom builds. She plans for it to be a laid-back event to enjoy the outdoors.

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