• Jerica Ward

Art Students to Showcase Work in Senior Exhibition

A group of graduating seniors in the art department will be having an art exhibition at the Northwest Arts Center at Minot State University on May 9, at 6:30 p.m. The students have been working diligently to show off their best work. The show will feature diverse media created by the seniors in their art specializations.

Jerica Ward will be showing ceramics in her series called “Monsters of My Mind.” Her art involves making the heads of animals or mythical creatures and turning them into creatures that could have once existed in our world or another world.

Alexis Henderson’s “Sensory Tables”allow visitors to tap into their inner child and simply play. Through engagement of the senses, the viewer is returned to a more primal and innocent form of expression.

Dan Jones will be showing off a series of abstract paintings called “Abstracts of Nature.”His artinvolves meshing commonplace subjects and materials with an expressive, dream-like nature.

Kiah Hove will be showing watercolor paintings with clever and dainty sayingsin a series called “Pretty Girl, Stupid Dress.”

Darrel Magpali's “Squash and Stretch”will present his digital animation specialty for video games. The animations will be shown in a short demo reel and showcase his ability for digital motion.

Mason Kramer’s “Internal Dispute”features photos taken through a microscope. The imagery is from human anatomy, specifically dealing with the heart and head.

Alex Albright's installation, “The MetaStasis of Content,”depicts how art is made in while facing obstacles and how artists overcome internal struggles in order to create the final product. His five finished examples of cyanotype photography were chosen from over one hundred experiments that will also be on display.

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