• Jerica Ward

Flat Tail Press

The Flat Tail Press (FTP) is an educational printmaking studio located at Minot State that just celebrated its fifth anniversary. The idea of the FTP was originally pitched by Ryan Stander, Minot State associate professor of art and one of FTP’s current directors, and gained support from the art faculty for its formation.

FTP helps fund the visiting artists program at the university and part of the studio’s mission is bringing artists to the university to work with students, helping them explore the world of printmaking by offering hands-on experiences.

“The idea really came from my grad school experiences working at UND (University of North Dakota) with their press, which is really designed more that they have a professional artist that prints for people. They bring in artists to work with them and are more geared for grad students, but this one is more focused on opportunities for undergraduate experience and research,” Stander said.

FTP is responsible for hosting both regional and national printmakers. This year, FTP has brought in four artists: Marco Hernandez, Jenny Freestone, and Calliope Arts cofounders Rudy Salgado and Susanna Crum.

Crum and Selgado’s prints have been on display in the Flat Tail Press Gallery located in the staircase leading to the third floor of the Student Center. The show, titled “Found Fictions,” shows both artists’ prints. The gallery was built to give art more presence on campus and to give students a space to enjoy art and relax.

Currently, “How the Beaver Got Its Flat Tail” is on display at the Northwest Arts Center. The exhibition provides information about FTP, experiences of students, faculty, and guest artists, and discusses the process of printmaking. “How the Beaver Got Its Flat Tail” is open until March 27

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