• Lauren Reeves

Minot Symphony Orchestra hosts its Movie Magic Concert

On Saturday, Minot Symphony hosted their Movie Magic Concert in Ann Nicole Nelson Hall. The orchestra played many well-known scores such as themes from “Mission: Impossible,” “Jurassic Park,” and “The Lord of the Rings.” They also played lesser known scores such as “The Wasps Overture” and “Ride of the Valkyries.” The concert also featured the three parts of “Don Quichotte a Dulcinee,” with Nathan Bowles, a senior music education major, singing a solo for all three parts. The conductor of the symphony, Maestro Amaya, wants people to come together and enjoy music from movies.

“Maestro Amaya puts all the themes together for concert. This is our pop-themed concert, so it’s a popular concert, music that people are going to be familiar with, to encourage a wide variety of an audience,” Ellen Fenner, Executive Director of Minot Symphony Orchestra, said.

Fenner said the musicians have been working hard for this concert almost a month to make it perfect for their audience to enjoy. The purpose, according to Fenner, is to bring people of all ages together to listen to music they are familiar with so that they can all enjoy it.

“The amazing highlights of the movie wouldn’t be the same without the music. We really want people to realize that it’s real people that are creating the sound that they hear in the movie theater. People don’t realize that these are their friends and family members, their students, their friends, their colleagues, that are making this music. To be able to showcase our students, our community members, and professors, in a way that people can relate to because most people have either heard of, or seen the movies, and having them realize that it is real people that are playing this music, that it what's really exciting for especially for this concert,” Fenner said.

The Minot Symphony’s final concert of the season is April 27 in Ann Nicole Nelson Hall. Tickets are available at MinotSymphony.com.

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