• Katie Ingerson

“Meddling Kids” book review

“Meddling Kids,” a novel written by Edgar Cantero, reimagines the beloved plot of Scooby Doo in a more grown up, but still just as adventurous, way. The story features new but familiar characters, Andy (the tomboy), Nate (the nerd), Peter (the jock), Kerri (the brains), and Tim (the dog). In the story, the team returns to their hometown of Blyton Hills to revisit a case they, the Blyton Summer Detective Club, solved 13 years earlier that has left them haunted.

The novel features everything one would expect from a Scooby Doo-based book — action, adventure, horror, amphibious man-eating lake monsters, and even a bit of romance — but keeps the reader engaged through numerous dark, unexpected twists and turns that continue all the way to the last page.

“Cantero did a good job at making the novel feel a lot like the old Scooby Doo, but with a cool twist,” Alicia Abrams, a bookseller at Barnes & Noble, said.

While the novel is based off of a very familiar story, it is much more than that. The characters deal with mental health, night terrors, drinking problems, incarceration, and even the loss of one of their own. The book marries cartoon nostalgia from a beloved series with much more adult content and serious trauma that the main character’s deal with in their adulthood from their not so innocent and carefree childhood adventures.

“The novel did well at living up to Scooby Doo. All the original characters were there, they were just dealing with more adult problems,” Abrams said.

“Meddlings Kids” allows readers to revisit their childhood through a familiar storyline, but does so in a way that is very much meant for mature, adult readers. While the novel definitely has horror elements, it could be enjoyed by a wide number of readers.

“It’s a fun read, even for those who don’t like horror. Fans of Scooby Doo and H. P. Lovecraft would enjoy this book, as well as those who like spooky but not too spooky,” Abrams said.

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