• Darrel Magpali

Scheduling for Ann Nicole Nelson Hall

The music rings loud at the Ann Nicole Nelson Hall throughout the year. Located at Minot State University, the hall is home to huge music events such as the Minot Symphony Orchestra (MSO), Western Plains Opera (WPO) productions, and the Northwestern Music Festival.

According to Dr. Erik Anderson, professor of Music, priorities on scheduling for the Ann Nicole Nelson Hall are given to organizations that perform annually in the hall, such as the WPO, MSO, and annual events such as the Northwestern Music Festival, and the Messiah production during the Christmas holiday.

“These big, unchanging annual events are the first thing that goes into the hall,” Anderson said. “Community organizations like the Minot Brass Band, international artist’s series, are the next things to be mapped.”

Guest artists of the Division of Music, ensembles such as the concert choir, jazz band, class and faculty recitals follows suit. Community requests come after, such as the Minot dance company’s “The Grinch who stole Christmas” show on Nov. 17.

After everything has been scheduled for the school year, the hall can be rented for the days that it is open. Renting the Ann Nicole Nelson Hall differs from non-profit and for-profit organizations. For-profit organizations are charged $1,000 for a day of rent. An example would be the recent BeeGees event Nov. 24. Students are also allowed to rent the hall for a discounted price.

For more information on renting Ann Nicole Nelson Hall, contact Erik Anderson at j.erik.anderson@minotstateu.edu.

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