• Isis Cabral

Minot State Students Attend International Peace Garden Conference

The Peace Garden Conference is a one-day experience that takes place at the International Peace Gardens which is located at the border of the U.S. and Canada off Highway 281. The day trip brings students of Minot State University and Brandon University to speak about topics pertaining to history and political science.

“By participating in the event, students are exposed to a conference type setting in a laid back and non-threatening atmosphere which allows presentation of papers in progress and constructive feedback to take place,” Dylan Hennessy, a history major at Minot State, said.

Another way students benefit from this experience is through the collaboration with the students from Brandon University.

“Collaborating with Brandon University allows international perspectives and ideas to intermingle with those of Minot State students which results in a broadened worldview for all students involved,” Hennessy said.

By attending the conference, students received credit for either presenting at the conference or writing a follow up reaction paper.

“The advantages in presentation are that there is a literal panel of educated individuals at your disposal to help shape the ideas in your paper. It's a great opportunity to improve and revise the ideas in the paper for future use. The reaction paper is required for credit if you do not present at the conference, though there are some professors that will give extra credit for a reaction paper on the conference,” Hennessy said.

The conference provides a positive atmosphere to help develop student interest in historic and political science content, regardless if they are students in those fields or not.

“I feel that this conference is beneficial for anyone with an interest in the topics. It was a great opportunity to gain new perspective and hear from citizens of another country on many different topics,” Hennessy said.

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