• Isis Cabral

Preschool On Campus Closed for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

With the loss of a preschool on campus for 2018-2019, the MSU students and staff will have to send their children elsewhere for schooling. The preschool on the MSU campus will not be running this year but is looking to start back up in fall 2019.

“The Teacher Education department is short instructors, so my time has been taken from supervising the preschool to teaching other classes,” Leslee Thorpe, the early childhood education coordinator at MSU said.

When the preschool is in operation, classes are open to all, but MSU students and faculty have priority.

“The classes will be held in Swain Hall room 213, and they are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It is $60 for the semester, and children are required to be four-to-five years of age,” Thorpe said.

The North Dakota Pre-Kindergarten Content Standards are covered in the curriculum taught for the classes, which provides reassurance for prospective parents in enrolling their children in a structured learning environment.

“The program’s setting is aimed to provide a quality environment for the students’ development. There are five instructors that take part in teaching the classes, and there are three stations set up in the class that students rotate between,” Thorpe said.

Class sizes range from 18-20 students, and the curriculum covers standards in social studies, science, mathematics, language arts, physical education, expressive arts, and social development.

“Each class is well-structured by the design of our Education Department practicum student teachers. Each class has five instructors which provides a lot of one-on-one time for students,” Thorpe said

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