• Kayce Francis-Dodgen

36th Annul Community Youth Halloween Party

As the weather gets colder it is often hard to find fun alternatives to being out in the elements that is why the Minot State 36th Annul Community Youth Halloween Party will be held on Halloween from 5-8 p.m. at the MSU auditorium.

The event formally took place in the MSU Dome but due to the popularity of the dome space was moved to the auditorium where it has remained for the past couple of years.

Eveyln Klimpel, one of the event coordinators, is spearheading the party along side the Beta Gamma Science Club,

“They bring their own candy and they just have tons,” Klimpel stated.

Much of the candy provided by the science club is brought in by donation from students and club members. The Wellness Center themselves, also provide each club two large starter bags of candy,

“We spend about $1,200 on candy for the event,” Klimpel stated.

The event is open to the community of Minot and parents are encouraged to dress up with their children and to come out and see all the clubs and trick or treat in a safe and warm environment.

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